3 Amazing Tips For Booking a Nashville Prom Limo Service

image of teens going to prom in Nashville, TennesseeGoing to the Prom is one of the most memorable events that a young adult will attend. Now is the time to book with your Nashville Limo Service. This is one of the busiest times of year for limousine companies, so don’t wait until the last minute!

Below, we have compiled 3 Tips that you should be aware of prior to booking your a Nashville Limo Service. Share these tips with your friends and family. They may show you their gratitude.

1. Book Early

There are over 60 High Schools in the Middle Tennessee area. Over a few months time period, we service dozens of proms. As it gets closer to your date, reputable companies with late model vehicles will already be sold out. The saying, “The early bird gets the worm” is definitely true when booking a limo. Do you really want to show up in a vehicle that nobody else wanted? That can happen if you wait until the last minute. Another result in waiting is there are some companies that will charge more as it gets closer to the prom date, due to supply and demand; however, Emerald Luxury Transportation does not change rates for Prom.

2. Reputable Nashville Limo Service

Conduct your research prior to making your final decision. All companies are not created equal. You will want to make sure your limo company is properly licensed and insured. You don’t want to be stranded at the Prom because the company you chose is not conducting business legally. We have heard of stories of some limo companies not showing up at all.

3. Understand Limousine Rates

As previously stated, Prom season is one of the busiest times of the year. Most limo companies will have a 6-8 hour minimum for a limo. Realistically, you will not find a company that will offer a pickup and drop off. You want to ask your reservationist if you will be billed for travel time. Depending on where the pickup location(s) and destination(s) are, your billing time may incur when the vehicle leaves and returns to the company’s garage, or your time may start at the scheduled pick up time and end at the last drop off location. That could make a difference of a couple of hundred of dollars.

At Emerald Luxury Transportation, we stock all of our vehicles with bottled water, soft drinks and sparkling cider. We are, “The Gem of Nashville”. Take a look at our 2015 Nashville Prom Limo Service packages here. Our reservationists are available by phone, 615-678-4695.

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