3 Tips On Surviving The Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, added stress usually accompanies the season. From planning, to shopping, to cooking and logistics, the holidays can become stressful when the season should actually be enjoyable. Challenge yourself to have a stress-free holiday season by implementing a few things.

1. Try An Alternate Way Of Shopping

If you don’t want to sit in your pajamas and fill your virtual shopping cart from the comfort of your home, prepare for the chaotic situations presented by partaking in brick and mortar shopping. Remember, regardless of which route you decide to maneuver, there are options. To avoid the 45-minute wait for finding a parking space or valet being out of parking spaces, take advantage of hiring a reliable limo service for your needs. You will have drop-off service at a main-entry to the store without the frustrations of finding parking. When you’re ready to leave with bags you can barely carry, you don’t have to worry about walking a ‘mile’ to your car, while searching for keys. Even if your shopping involves online food-shopping from a grocery chain, this limo service can pick-up those bags and deliver them to your front-door.

2. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

If you are hosting a family holiday dinner at your house, enlist family members to arrive with the traditional family dishes. That means if a “secret recipe” has to be shared, this may be the time to do so. When the cooking is shared, the holiday is more enjoyable. No one person is labeled as the cook for the day; therefore, no one person is exhausted behind food preparation. If you are also inviting friends, delegate those individuals to bring beverages (go easy on your friends). If there are children of age in your family, give them the task of setting the dinner table. This deed will go a long way in helping the children feel they have a part in making the holiday special for everyone, and you can place a check mark next to one more item handled.

3. Pre-Plan Your Holiday After-Party

Oftentimes, the wrap-up of the holiday event is an after-party. This party may continue in or outside of your home. If you prefer the party to continue inside, prepare games ahead of time that will be suitable for all parties involved. Plan a “holiday drink.” Make two versions of your drink, an adult-version and a children’s version. Have an after-party menu with light refreshments as well. If your adult crew decides to transfer your party to a night-out on the town, simply remain responsible. Have off the charts, immeasurable fun by hiring a reliable and safe limo service. You can have undistracted conversations, listen to your favorite music, bar-hop, and party the night away while someone else is driving. Most importantly, after consuming alcoholic beverages, you will have a chauffeur that will assure you and your party arrive to your destination(s) safely.

So, as you prepare for this holiday season, remember to implement some or all of these recommendations to alleviate some holiday stress. If you can make the holiday planning a little easier, why not? Spend your time enjoying food, family, and fun. Remember, if you have family or friends that are travelling to Nashville this limo service can pick them up at the airport and deliver them safely to their destination. Happy Holidays!

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