5 Game-Changers for Valentine's Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you are probably making preparations for the romance-filled day. Whether you choose to celebrate the weekend preceding Love Day or celebrate on Tuesday, February 14, try pulling new cards from your vault. Here are 5 game-changers that will add to your next level of love gifts.

Scavenger Hunt

Set-up a day in the city with a Scavenger Hunt at locations that are meaningful to the pair of you. Planning a successful Scavenger Hunt takes time, but it’s fun. Hire a reliable limo service for transportation during the hunt. If you first met at a coffee-shop, set the first stop as the coffee-shop. In advance, stop by the coffee shop and seek the assistance of a Barista to hold the second clue for your mate. Designate the second stop as the your first-date location. Continue setting the stops by locations of importance in chronological order. You should be waiting at the last stop with a gift. At the last stop, join your mate in the car and have the chauffeur take you to a place you’ve designated as the wrap-up for your Valentine’s Day surprise.

Couple’s Photo Shoot

Hire a reputable photographer that will travel to your home, and transform your home into a studio. You control your props when the photo shoot is in your home. Ignite your creativity, and create a conversational piece with your photo shoot. From beginning to end, your pictures should tell a story without having words in print. This gift is tangible, as you will always possess something that gives insight to your love story.

“Luggage Love”

No, Luggage Love is not transporting relationship woes/baggage from one destination (relationship) to another. Luggage Love is for couples accumulating airline, cruise or highway miles. If your spouse/significant other checks weekly for vacation deals, Luggage Love is a great game-changer. First, if you’ve listened to your spouse/significant other say repeatedly, “I want to go there,” purchase a vacation for travel to that destination. After purchasing the vacation, purchase a new piece or set of luggage. Add the particulars of the vacation and some clothing pertaining to the vacation destination inside the new luggage. Pack the luggage strategically, so the last items located are the reservation confirmations for the vacation. At that point, you will have successfully pulled off “Luggage Love.” The only thing left is to actually take the vacation!

Dinner & Dance

This will not be your typical dinner and dance. Allow your mate to believe you have dinner reservations at an upscale restaurant. Hire a personal chef for the evening, and prepare the meal the pair of you desire most as a couple. Secondly, you must book a musician for the evening. If you live in Nashville, you should not have a problem locating a musician. Do your research to ensure you’re hiring reputable professionals. Hire an experienced limo service to pick you up at a specific time, at which time the “game-changer” happens. Once you depart for the “upscale restaurant,” your home is converted into just that – an upscale restaurant, followed by a dance. Have a route mapped out for the chauffeur that will allow ample time for the chef to cook the Valentine’s Day meal, and time for the musician to set-up and do a run through of the music. As part of your set-up, the chauffeur will return you home as if you’ve left something requiring the assistance of your mate in locating the said item. Once you enter the home, “surprise.” A romantic dinner and dance made for two awaits you.

“Work It”

If you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the actual day this year (Tuesday), your mate may have to work. Therefore, “work it.” Give fair warning to your mate they must depart early for work on Valentine’s Day. As the first surprise, have a limo service waiting outside for transportation to work. Have a special gift waiting inside, that you will place inside the car while your mate is getting dressed. Pay for there to be a stop at your mate’s favorite breakfast stop, with you having placed an order to go ahead of time. After the chauffeur safely arrives with your mate at work, order a mid-day gift to be delivered to the office. Lastly, at the end of the work-day, have the limo service return to the office for the pick-up. Designate the drop-off location wherever you want to meet your love and finish your Valentine’s Day. You have now incorporated the work-day and “worked -it.”

Valentine’s Day Packages 4-hr minimum required Feb 10, 11, 12 and 14.

Below rates are based on pickup, stop, and drop-off locations being inside of Nashville/Davidson County. Rates include all fees and a voluntary 20% tip for the chauffeur.

-Sedan rates $314.95

-SUV rates $418.95

-Luxury Coach rates $626.95


A-La-Carte Items

-Single Rose $8

-Dozen Roses $88

-Sm. Box of Chocolates $20

-Lg. Box of Chocolates $40

-Bottle of Bubbly $20


Quote Request For Valentine’s Day

Now that you have 5 game-changing options for Valentine’s Day, start planning. The reaction of your love’s face should be priceless. Regardless of the investment, the return of happiness is immeasurable. Now it’s time to book your Limo Service. For a trusted and reliable company, contact Emerald Luxury Transportation, and an experienced reservationist will be able to assist you 24/7. Emerald creates memories, we are, “The Gem of Nashville.” Visit our website at www.nashvilleairportlimo.com.

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