5 Tips for Valentine's Day

Tired of all the same old things for Valentine’s Weekend? Emerald has some cool ideas for how to “get fresh” for Valentine’s season of romance. Now let’s get something clear here. This is for the person that fits one of three categories: You either want to do something different, want to avoid the risk of overdoing it, or you may not represent the traditional couple—but still want to make it special.

This is the proverbial outside-the-box thinking. The key here is to “get fresh” by trying something new, fun or both. So, here we go: Emerald Luxury Transportation has put together 5 top things to do for Valentine’s Weekend (who says it has to be a holiday?)

  1. Concerts –always beat dinner and a movie. The latter has become a standard for dates. There are many fun concerts around your city. In Nashville the concert options include: Patti LaBelle, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Shovels and Rope, BJ Thomas and Kelsea Ballerini to name a few. Who wants to brave the cold from the parking lot to walk 5 blocks to the venue? Fitness is for the gym. The smart thing to do is reserve a Nashville Limo Service that offers transportation from your front door to the front door of the venue. Bingo!
  2. Work it! – Prepare a simple meal like pasta, salad and rolls (can’t cook? order it ahead) or complete some small tasks/errands that you know your special person would appreciate. Cap the night with some night cruising in a luxury vehicle provided by Emerald Luxury Transportation.
  3. Jewelry – You don’t have to spring for the big Kardashian rock. But, you can get a nice pair of earrings for under a couple hundred of dollars. If it’s a man, spring for a pair of cuff links or tie tacks.
  4. Love Letter – Tell the person how you feel about them and why they are important to you. Putting on paper why someone makes a difference in your life makes for an instant priceless keepsake. Be sincere and you should be rewarded.
  5. Luxury Display – Get fresh and show off. Send flowers to their job so they can get proud-goose-bumps as others in the office crane their necks to see who they are for. Then pamper your special person to their favorite venue –be it restaurant or concert—with our Nashville limo service.

Still not satisfied? Oh, you’re a tough cookie! we get it: your special person has to work and you still feel you deserve to do something fun. No problem. Round up your “besties” or single friends who you’ve promised to get together with for lunch and never do, and split the cost for a friends “Night out” in a limousine. Emerald Luxury Transportation has this cool, custom-built, Mercedes Benz Luxury Coach Limousine that seats 10 people. It’s loaded with amenities. Grab some wine or snacks and catch up while you and your group watch a movie, or listen to your favorite artist as you cruise through the night life around the city.

Here’s your rule of thumb for gift giving. Most Valentine’s gifts are either for consumption or display. Let me explain. The chocolate, dinner outings, wine tastings and the like fit the consumption category (note to self: drop hints about Kayne Prime’s steaks). Now when it comes to “display gifts” it’s a girly term for things that others can see that you received. So, the display category would include flowers, diamonds, (note to self: oh never mind. Let’s not go there!) or a luxury limousine ride you received.

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