5 Tips To Help Plan Graduation Day!

With caps & gowns and pomp & circumstances around the corner, you may be scrambling to find ways to ensure the big day is flawless for the graduate(s) in your life. Whether it is a high-school or college graduation, we can all agree graduation is a pivotal point in life.

While graduation closes one chapter, it commences another (hence, “commencement”). Whether you have ideas to celebrate big or celebrate small, here are some tips to ensure the graduate has a memorable day.

1. Start Your Day Healthy

Regardless of what time graduation takes place, be sure to eat a healthy breakfast. It is true that breakfast sets the pace for how the day will go. If you’re not a big breakfast person (my favorite meal of the day), try at a minimum to digest a bagel and orange juice or coffee.

2. Pictures and More Pictures

Taking pictures at the ceremony is usually the norm. However, pre-ceremony pictures are just as important in capturing the entire day. Snap pictures of the graduate and family while eating breakfast, the graduate getting dressed in their cap & gown, the departure from home, and arriving at the venue. Not only will you have enough photos to make a memory book to recapture the day, but you may share those photos on social media throughout the day for family/friends who may not be able to attend the ceremony.

3. Designate a Meeting Place

After graduation, the adrenaline is rushing from accomplishing a milestone, and one thing on the mind of the graduate is locating family members and friends present at the ceremony. If you haven’t taken time to pre-designate a meeting place after the tassel-toss and recessional, you may spend a great deal of time trying to find your graduate in the crowd. Whether you choose to meet inside or outside the venue, give 15 minutes after the completion of the ceremony for everyone to arrive at the meeting place. Hug, give congratulatory remarks, and remember – take pictures.

4. The “After-Party”

Whether your choice of an after party is a family dinner at a restaurant, a cook-out at home, or a “big-bash” at a rented venue, make sure you have something planned to wrap-up the big day. If you choose home or a rented venue for the after-party, find a DJ or have your playlist ready for the attendees and graduate(s) to dance until their feet are begging to rest. Remember, take more pictures.

5. Transportation

Finally, make sure you add the special touch to the day from beginning to end. To reduce the chaos of the day, hire a limo service to drive the graduate and/or family. Eliminate the worry of arriving late or finding somewhere to park. Leave that component of the memorable occasion, to this safe and reliable limo service. Call Emerald Luxury Transportation and speak with one of our 365, 24/7 reservationists. We are ready to assist you with making your or your loved one’s day a stress-free event by eliminating “diploma/degree day driving distractions,” which may occur with the preoccupation of celebrating the achievement at hand.

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