Corporate Conference Planning

Organizing a corporate conference is a major undertaking and can be overwhelming, to say the least. Depending on the size of your group, planning could take a few weeks, few months, or even a few years!

Emerald Luxury Transportation knows that you’ll want to get every last detail perfect for your corporate conference. Fortunately, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your transportation services will be on time, prompt, and courteous for your next corporate conference when you book with us. Check out our tips below for making your corporate conference a success!

Steps to Planning a Corporate Conference

  1. Start with the basics: You’ll want to layout all of the basics of your corporate conference to begin the planning process. This will get your thoughts organized and help you make informed planning decisions. Answering questions like who, what, when, where and why is an essential first step and will help you map out your budget.
  2. Find speakers and set an itinerary: Having the right speakers at your corporate event is essential. These are the people that are going to attract attendees. Start brainstorming who you would like to extend an invitation to, then build your itinerary according to who can attend.
  3. Compare Venues: Next, you’ll want to start looking at venues in the Nashville area. If you already have an idea of how many attendees and speakers will be coming, this will help narrow down your venue selection. Your venue selection will also determine your catering and audio/visual costs.
  4. Transportation Services for Corporate Conferences: Having a reputable transportation service take care of your corporate conference transportation will ensure you will have peace of mind when it comes to your next event. Emerald Luxury Transportation provides full service ground transportation within and around Nashville. We offer real time vehicle tracking and communication via text and email regarding your chauffeurs, so you can plan transportation for your corporate conference with ease.
  5. Marketing to Attendees: Once you have nailed down your itinerary, keynote speakers, and have a venue, you can start marketing to attendees. Good attendance is important because it will ultimately bring in revenue and sponsorship opportunities. Utilizing an online registration system can help you track your attendees, process payment and organize data, making the process a bit easier.
  6. On-Site Details: Once the conference date comes closer, you can start planning the on-site details such as food and drink, layout of the room, etc. This part of the process can get overwhelming, so we recommend keeping a spreadsheet of to-do’s in order to manage your time and resources.

Book Reliable Corporate Conference Transportation with Emerald Luxury Transportation

Are you ready to book your corporate conference transportation in Nashville? Emerald Luxury Transportation can help! We are available to ensure that your corporate conference transportation goes as smoothly as possible, offering the most reliable transportation around.

With well-appointed, luxury vehicles and courteous, friendly chauffeurs, we’re sure to make your corporate conference transportation for you, keynote speakers, or attendees, a memorable one. Contact us today at 615-678-4695 or request a quote online today!

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