Corporate Limo: How to Impress a VIP Client

Meeting a VIP client–whether a long-time partner or a first-time meeting–should always be a big deal to your business. So what do you do when you need to make and leave a lasting impression?

Sending a car is courteous; but sending a limousine is impressive. When you show a client you care enough to send a limousine, you send a message that they matter to you and to your business.

However, not all limo services are created equally. If you’re looking to truly leave a lasting impression, only Emerald Luxury Transportation in Nashville will do. Here’s what you should require, and what Emerald provides, in a corporate limo service.

Great Chauffeurs

A limo experience starts and ends with the chauffeur or chauffeur. Especially when picking up from the airport, your client will often see the chauffeur before they see the limo itself.

Our chauffeurs are more than just polite. They are expertly trained, well groomed, deeply knowledgeable about Nashville and the surrounding areas, and completely trustworthy. Before we hire, we test them and ensure their background checks are clean–including FBI based fingerprinting. All of our chauffeurs are licensed and registered.

Best of all, they are trained to provide world-class customer service. It’s exactly the service you want to send your most important clients.

Exquisite Comfort and Luxury

If your client has just arrived by airplane, there’s a good chance he or she doesn’t want to spend any more time cooped up in a moving vehicle; but when they must, they must. Even first-class passengers need to move their legs after a long flight. Treat them to a smooth, relaxing ride with comforts and room to stretch.

The impression you send extends to the ride they get from the airport, their hotel, or  wherever you pick them up. And by the time that ride is done, the beginnings of a full impression are forming. Make sure they travel well.

Our fleet of limos includes spacious executive sedans as well as multi-passenger vehicles with luxurious amenities and unbeatable comfort. You can choose from:

Business Functionality

Business in the 21st Century is fast-paced and perpetually accelerating. And since driving from point A to point B takes time, you can impress your clients with the functionality to get things done. Emerald Luxury Transportation offers several functional amenities, such as:

  • Phone chargers
  • USB connectivity
  • A flat surface to work
  • A quiet interior for sensitive phone calls

Best of all, your VIP client will enjoy all of this and more without obstructing their view of the city. They’ll enjoy the best of both worlds: the opportunity to keep business moving forward while they move about the city.

Contact Us for VIP Client Transportation

Are you ready to impress your VIP Client? Just let us know what’s needed and how many people will be riding, and we can provide the vehicle that will help you make a fantastic impression for your VIP clients.

Contact Emerald Luxury Transportation today by calling 615-678-4695 or request your free online quote today.

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