Limos and Limousine Services: Making Proms and Weddings Match the Fairy Tale

Whether it’s a limousine rental for your wedding, or a limousine service for a prom, these are the two nights every romantic girl imagines most in her life.

Of course, in both cases, the two things that matter most are the same on each night. The most important, of course, is the “someone.” The special person who, in most cases, is the only one she can imagine next to her on either of those nights. The second thing is special in another way. It’s needed in the way that makes any girl on that night feel like the only girl for the entire night. It’s the limousine – the modernized, motorized, cushioned up to date version of the classic pumpkin transformed into a carriage and, in it’s own way, just as magical.

It’s one of the most convincing ways you can find to turn any girl into a princess for an evening, without access to a fairy godmother. She won’t even need a magic wand or some pixie dust once she arrives with her Prince Charming to create the memories she knows will last the rest of her happily ever after – the same memories that wouldn’t quite feel right without those two important things done right. After all, no “Once upon a time…” ever started with Cinderella being escorted by her cousin, or arriving at the castle self-driven in a slightly hail damaged 1987 Honda.

Experience the Luxury of a Limo

On top of providing you with transportation on your magical evening, most limousine services offer a host of extras. At Emerald Luxury Transportation, for instance, we have an exclusive prom package, which includes 7-hours of red carpet service at your pickup location, bottled water, soft drinks, ice, and sparkling cider.

For a dream come true wedding day, we have limousines and luxury coaches stocked with glassware, bottled water, ice, and juice for an enchanted night you will never forget.

Get the Right Car Service for Your Special Day

When it comes to choosing your fairy tale limo, there are several wonderful options:

Sedans – For small groups, sedans are an excellent choice to go with. These vehicles can accommodate 2-3 passengers.

SUVs – If your party is a little bigger, you may prefer an SUV. They can accommodate 4-6 passengers.

Luxury Coach – Maybe you have a large group of friends accompanying you. You will likely want to go with the Luxury Coach. These extravagant limousines can accommodate up to 10 passengers. In Luxury Coaches you will enjoy features like a privacy partition, privacy shades, fiber optic lighting, a DVD/CD player, a flat screen television, ice compartments, a mirrored ceiling, and a bar area.

Things to Think About Before Renting

Reserve early – When renting a limousine for prom, you definitely want to reserve early. This way you make sure you get the model you want and that you have all the details worked out plenty of time before the big day.

Determine who will be riding – You also want to figure out who will be traveling with you. This will help you decide which model you should go with and how payment will be allocated. If you have several friends riding with you, they may offer to help pay the bill.

Visit the company before you rent – Another important step before renting a limo is visiting the company to take a look at the models you are interested in. This will ensure you aren’t disappointed when the limo you chose arrives to whisk you away.

Once in a lifetime occasions like your wedding day and prom deserve to be celebrated. Limousines add that extra spark that will make your big day one to remember. Ready to order a limo for your enchanted night? Give Emerald Luxury Transportation a call. Emerald can be the first right step to take when it’s your turn to wear the glass slippers.

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