"The Gambler" Kenny Rogers is coming to Nashville

There are few recording artists that can claim success across the charts. Most are limited to the category that their songs fit, such as R&B, country, blues, reggae, etc. But Kenny Rogers is different. While he has enjoyed much of his success in the country music genre, he has had over 120 hits across the charts.

Even though many of his songs would make a list of most catchy tunes like “Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town.” My favorite (I saw in an interview that it’s his too) is “The Gambler.” Right after that, I love the cross-over tune he did with Dolly Parton, “Islands in the Stream.” Before I get too carried away, did I mention that “The Gambler” will be in Music City at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center?
The whiskey-voiced crooner will make a 3-day stop Thursday, January 15 through Saturday, January 18. The concert tour that had been billed as Kenny Rogers Through the Years will now be part of his Farewell Down under Tour as he says goodbye to touring with final stops in Australia and New Zealand.

I will not be surprised if there are more than only country music fans at his concerts. There’s bound to be a diverse crowd present to hear this star crooner. Why? Because, Kenny is an all-around star that can just flat sing! He can swing from a gravelly talk-singy voice, to a growl, to a whispery vibrato. He’s been in movies, TV shows, and been interviewed countless times (yep, he did the Oprah show) and even appeared on The Muppet Show. I guess that’s why Kenny Rogers is one of the highest selling artists of all time. He has sold over 165 million records worldwide.

The burning question is: At age 75, can Kenny Rogers still bring the house down? We checked with a few die-hard fans and the answer is a resounding yes! In fact, concertgoers say his voice is still vibrant, with new added dimensions. You gotta love Kenny Rogers. By the way, don’t hassle with downtown parking in this wintry weather. (SINGING: “You’ve got to know when to walk away… when the dealings done.”).

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