Call it corny. But hubby and I are “unofficial-Caesar-Salad” raters. To be honest, hubby was slow to join the club (If there is one). Tasting Caesars has taken us to some interesting places both in and outside of our home state of Tennessee.

If you’re still here, it’s only fair that I would share the highlights of what we’ve seen and tasted, as far as Caesar salads go.

Atlanta – Houston’s. It’s actually located in the Buckhead area. (We miss the one we had in Nashville).

North Hollywood, California – The Yerevan Steak House on Lankershim Blvd, near the Sandford Meisner Center.

Las Vegas – Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar on Paradise Road, just off the strip.

But the tastiest Caesar, we had was as classy as our limo service to the venue and right here in Music City, USA. Hubby and I had a guest flying in late evening from Washington, D.C. Yours truly wasn’t interested in cooking, so we booked limo service to J. Alexander’s. Late night eating and borderline obesity is criminal for an endlessly hungry couple like us. So, upon arrival we blurted out, “Caesar salads, please!” before our eyes could lust over the full menu of selections. Okay. Here’s truth. I did add a delicious slice of grilled salmon on my salad. So there.

But I digress, the salad was as good as the one at our favorite stop, “O’Charlie’s.” Our chauffeur made the short trip extra special. He was very knowledgeable of the city and not rattled when we asked him to take a different route to the restaurant. We love to show off a few of our fair city’s attractions. The mini tour-on-the-run included some of Nashville’s favorite tourists attractions. For the night gazers, the best spots include:

The State Capitol – We made our way down Charlotte Avenue to show off the buildings that form the foundation of the beautiful skyline.

Second Avenue – was a natural crossroad to show off downtown Nashville, the heartbeat of our city’s rich musical history. Fort Negley was a good stop since hubby and his friend are old military buddies. This military fort was built during the American Civil War mainly with Black labor, some 2,000 of them supervised by the Union Army. Some 2000 though helped built it.

Leaving downtown, we made our way to the 12 South area, turned on Wedgwood and gazed at the Belmont Mansion an elaborate antebellum home that was once the headquarters of the Union army.

There are a ton of other historical sites to show off in Nashville. But, my taste buds were starting to pulsate at the thought of a good Caesar now. So we cruised over to Centennial Park – where we capped the mini tour with a look at the Parthenon, a full-scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens, Greece. It’s more gorgeous at night than it is in the daytime, thanks to phenomenal lighting to illuminate it. But we couldn’t stay long. As we gazed at this replica of something from Greece, the hunger imp in my head was yelling, “Caesar! Caesar!” (Note to history buffs: I’m told that the Caesar salad, actually has origins in Mexico).

Finally, when our sleek, black-on-black, Escalade rolled up to the restaurant, our chauffeur quickly jumped out to help the ladies out. Of course, with such a luxurious treat, I was the goddess, Athena as I gave him my hand to help me disembark my carriage.

If you ever want to treat visiting guest or yourself to a treat, plan dinner at a place that has a good Caesar and book a limo. We found a limo service that we like that has chauffeurs who are knowledgeable of the city, which makes the outing successful.

Caesar salad, limo service, and life is good.

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