Top Three Things For Choosing Nashville Limo Service

With warmer weather here, Middle Tennessee and especially “Music City” Nashville, like many other cities far and near, are primed for lots of events that attract travel and events both for business and leisure. There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to limo services to make the trip, hassle-free. More and more travelers are choosing limo service for transportation without having to drive or search for parking space. If your choice is to be driven once you fly into your destination of choice, you will likely choose limo service. We’ve narrowed down the “Top 3 things for Choosing Nashville Limo Service.”

Here they are:

1. Fleet- Before you call, determine how many passengers will be traveling. It’s also helpful to have a general idea of how many pieces of luggage you have. Generally speaking, a sedan will hold 3-4 people (3 in the back and 1 up front). Sedans have large trunks and can hold several pieces of luggage. The standard SUV will hold 5-6 people, with luggage space provided in the back compartment. If you have a party larger than 6, you should ask about vans, coaches and limo buses. Emerald Luxury Transportation offers a luxury coach for 10 passengers. It’s a Mercedes Benz with “L” limousine seating, flat-screens TVs front and back, a DVD player, iPod docks, a bar, and plenty of storage space in the back. There are also limousines, shuttle vans and limo buses for even larger groups. (Read the “cost” section of this article to learn how larger vehicles affect pricing.)

2. Cost –After you have determined the type of luxury vehicle you want, it’s time to look at cost. Certainly luxury limo service comes at a price. But as the saying goes you usually “get what you pay for.” For the price you pay you should expect professional, safe, reliable, timely service. Rates range for car services in Middle Tennessee. Some companies start at $45 for a sedan with a median average of about $70, not including gratuity. Visit the limousine service’s website to get a quick quote online or you can call to get a quote. Many limousine services attach hourly minimums to larger vehicles as it is more costly to move larger vehicles than standard ones. Hourly minimums also apply for proms, weddings and special events. But, if you’re just trying to get Aunt Martha and her 8 friends picked up from the airport to a downtown hotel for the Red Hatters Society Convention, just ask what the rate would be for a point-to-point transfer. That just means you want limousine service from one location to another.

3. References –Last but not least, you should always, always, always, check references before hiring a service that you have never used before. Don’t be fooled by a bargain basement low cost limousine company. Tennessee requires that drivers of vehicles like taxis and limousines secure special licensure for operating vehicles that transport passengers in Tennessee. But unfortunately, there are those that slip through the cracks, without adhering to the law. Some blame the abundance of fees for stickers, insurance, licensure, airport fees and other things as a deterrent for securing all the legal requirements. But the law is the law. So, before you get excited about snagging an unbelievable price on a Nashville limo service, check references. Make sure that you are getting what you are paying for, safe, reliable service from properly insured chauffeurs who have been background-checked and licensed by the Metro Transportation Licensing Commission.

One last thing: If you haven’t tried Emerald Luxury Transportation give them a try. You can reach Emerald Luxury Transportation at 615.678.4695 or toll-free at 855.436.4902. You can even check their references on Yelp at: Happy travels!

Sherre Miller Bishop Freelance writer who has written numerous articles for travel, professional communications, religious publications, and media.

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