Your Safety is Important

Consider Safety When Booking a Car Service

When hiring a limo service, you’ll naturally be looking at things like style, luxury, amenities, and fun. But something everyone should also consider—perhaps above all else—is safety. By booking a professional car service, you literally trust them with your life. Safety should be a cornerstone of any company you hire and should clearly permeate through all they do.
You’ll need to look for any signs the company may or may not have your safety top of mind. Here are the safety features to look for in a car service company.

Safe Chauffeurs for Safe Travels

Look up information about the chauffeurs employed by the car service. Are they professionally trained? Are they licensed and registered strictly and according to local regulations? Are they insured?

At Emerald Luxury Transportation, you’ll find the answer to all of these is a resounding “Yes!” We take an infinite amount of pride in the chauffeurs we hire. All our professional chauffeurs must pass extensive background checks, including FBI based fingerprints. We train them not only to be courteous and helpful, but to drive and behave as safely as possible. In addition, our chauffeurs have the following qualities:

  • Knowledgeable about all local Nashville restaurants and attractions
  • Well-groomed and take pride in their work
  • Passed pre-employment drug and alcohol testing
  • Pass random certified drug and alcohol tests

Safe Fleet of Vehicles with Cutting-Edge Safety Equipment

Prior to choosing a car company, make sure to browse through their fleet of vehicles. The types of vehicles they offer can speak volumes about the value they place on your safety. At Emerald Transportation, we pride ourselves in offering a world-class fleet of vehicles from top-of-the-line manufacturers with impeccable reputations for safety, such as Lincoln, Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz.

And just as important as well-made cars are well-maintained cars; because even vehicles from the best manufacturers can break down. If this happens on a freeway, that can be especially dangerous. Don’t let that happen to you—make sure your car service company places a special emphasis on keeping their cars well maintained.

We keep our vehicles meticulously and expertly maintained and do everything we can to avoid mechanical issues or breakdowns.

The Reputation of the Company for Safety

Avoid car services that offer to put more people in a car than the car was designed for. You shouldn’t put 14 people into a seven passenger SUV—that’s not only uncomfortable, it’s unsafe. We train our chauffeurs not to allow this, because at Emerald, safety comes first.

Before you hire a company, look up online reviews to see what others are saying, and if you find safety complaints, book elsewhere.

Emerald Luxury Transportation is an award-winning company, and one of the best reviewed limo services in all of Nashville. But you don’t have to take our word for it – read our customer testimonials to see what other people say!

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