Nashville Transportation for the Total Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse Nashville 2017

Many hotels are booked to capacity; watch parties are in the final planning stages; and soon many visitors will converge on Nashville, TN to witness the sight of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. If you’re traveling to Nashville for the August 21 event and you haven’t decided on what exactly to do for the total solar eclipse viewing, here are some reasons why you should book a limo service.

Arrive Smart:

Nashville is the largest city in the path of the total solar eclipse. With that being said, many people will be arriving at the Nashville International Airport the weekend preceding the grand event. Why worry about contending with the masses regarding transportation to your lodging facility? Hire a reliable limo service that will track your flight to ensure your chauffeur arrives promptly and professionally to greet you when you arrive in Nashville.

Watch Smart:

On the day of the eclipse, avoid being caught up in the projected traffic jams that will occur when drivers pull to the side of the road to view daylight turn to darkness and back to daylight in a matter of minutes. Make your plans in advance. Book with limo service and head to your selected special viewing location, so you’re not caught up in a parade consisting of horns honking and brakes creating a light show. Call Emerald Luxury Transportation, to assist you in making ‘Total Solar Eclipse 2017,’ a memorable event.

Eclipse Smart:

Make the most of this rare event and have some fun! The first phase of the eclipse will begin around 11 a.m., leading up to the big finale of total darkness. Although ‘Total Solar Eclipse 2017’ will only last approximately a couple of minutes in Nashville, the actual event will forever be etched in history. How will you commemorate this moment?

Book an hourly service, and begin your eclipse party with breakfast before the main event. Call our friendly specialists at Emerald Luxury Transportation to book your reliable limo service for an “Eclipse Smart, Party Hard” day.

While supplies last, Emerald Luxury Transportation will provide complimentary solar eclipse viewing glasses to clients booking eclipse related transportation with Emerald Luxury Transportation.

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